miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2016

The Master Song "Here´s to his health"

The Master's Song is sung in Masonic Lodges all round the world. It was originally a poem entitled "The man who is kind to another" by Bro. Richard Rome Bealey of the Operative Masons Lodge of Dundee No. 47 in Scotland. This poem was from his book of poems entitled "Field Flowers and City Chimes" of 1866.

In 1875 it was set to music by Bro. John Morgan Bentley of Alexandra Lodge No. 993 EC, and sung at that Lodge in the same year. The origin of this recording is unknown, but the melody is the most common one used.

Words and score can be found on observingthecraft.com. (Thanks to Wor. Bro. Darren Desker for his information on the origin of the song)

Para saber más sobre Richard Rome Bealey:

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